Starting in Fall 2014, waiver requests will not be accepted by email or in person. Waiver applicants will use a designated website to submit their waiver requests and supporting documentation. Please see the Waiver Process Bulletin for more information on the process.

Mandatory International F-1 Student Medical Insurance: General Information

  1. All F-1 international students with a Lone Star College (LSC) issued I-20, who enroll with LSC, must purchase a student medical insurance plan offered through Academic Health Plans, unless a waiver requestis approved by LSCS prior to the 1st day of class. The student's Lone Star account will be charged at the time of registration. Students do not need to contact the insurance company to purchase the plan themselves. The insurance requirement for students who are approved for a change of status to F-1 after the semester has started will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Insurance coverage is continuous from 8/10 through 12/31 for the Fall semester, and 1/1 through 8/9 for the Spring/Summer semesters.
  3. Students must be on F-1 status with LSCS to obtain coverage under this medical program; F-1 students enrolled through another university or college are ineligible for coverage.
  4. As part of the insurance plan, students must actively attend class the first 31 days of school.
  5. Insurance reports are finalized with the insurance company after the "Day of Record". Therefore students may experience delays in receiving their insurance cards.
  6. Students who are "late start" or taking summer classes must be reported to Risk Management by the DSO. Please make certain you confirm with your DSO to make certain coverage is active.
  7. In order to understand the benefits of the program, it is important that all students attend orientations and view the Insurance Overview (PPT) . Students are also encouraged to read the Medical Insurance Brochure for further information on eligibility, exclusions to your benefits and prescription drug coverage.

    For benefits and information on the information below please visit theAcademic Health Plans website:
    • Global Assistance
    • Claim filing procedures
    • Dependent enrollment coverage information
    • Insurance ID Cards (temporary)
    • Premium costs (PDF)
  8. If a student has an unresolved issue with his/her insurance plan through Academic Health Plans, the student should contact his/her international student advisor (ISA) to complete an Issue Reporting Form (Word doc).

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F-1 Medical Insurance Waiver Requests

  1. Students covered fully by certain other plans may requestan insurance waiver.Starting with the Fall 2014 semester, waiver requests will only be accepted through a designated website. Please read the Waiver Process Bulletin forinstructions on submitting waiver requests electronically.
  2. Waiver requests are only valid for one semester and must comply with strict timeframe and guidelines.
  3. A new waiver request must be submitted prior to the start of each future semester.
    You may qualify for a waiver if you meet the criteria listed in the Waiver Process Bulletin.
  4. Waiver requests should be submitted within the time frame listed in the Waiver Process Bulletin.
  5. Late requests for a waiver will not be accepted after the deadline listed in the Waiver Process Bulletin.
  6. Students must provide the supporting documentationand information required/requested duringthe waiver request process.
  7. Travel policies, or those limited in scope within the U.S., will not be accepted as a medical plan.
  8. Insurancebenefits mustinclude preventative services, maternity, mental health, and prescription drugs.
  9. Failure to maintain health insurance will result in a student inability to enroll and/or remain enrolled at LSCS. If you fail to maintain student health insurance, you must contact your DSO/ISA and purchase insurance, through LSCS, with Academic Health Plans.
  10. LSCS reserves the right to approve or deny requests for waivers.

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Using the Medical Benefits: Medical Appointments and Filling Prescriptions

Students enrolled in Lone Star's insurance plan with AHPwho have not yet received their ID card by mail may print one online by first contacting their DSO/International Student Advisor. The advisor will provide them with an insurance ID number beginning with the letters ZGP which is then used to access a temporary card on the Academic HealthPlans (AHP) website.

How to Make a Medical Appointment

  1. Students may select a doctor from the list of providers by selecting BlueChoicePPOPlan andentering their city or zip code. They may also contact Academic HealthPlans directly at 1-855-247-2273 for assistance.
  2. When calling the provider of your choice to schedule an appointment, mention that Academic HealthPlans is your health provider. The provider will contact AHP to verify insurance coverage. There may be a slight delay inverifying insurance at the beginning ofeach semester (August-September and January-February)due to enrollment processes in place.
  3. Students should remember to bring their insurance card to the appointment! At their first visit, they will be responsible for paying the deductible and co-payment ("co-pay"), and possibly other expenses at the appointment.
  4. After they see a doctor, they must complete a Claim Form in order to be reimbursed for their expenses (excluding co-pay and deductibles). Instructions for mailing the Claim Form and bills are found on the Academic HealthPlanswebsite.
  5. Students should write their Student I.D. number on all insurance forms when corresponding with AHP.
  6. Emergencies or Urgent Care: Students should call 911 on their telephone or go to an Urgent Care Center. Urgent Care options may be found using the provider search and selecting the Student Accident Network option, and searching by "Specialty or Facility". Select "Urgent Care" from the Facilities section.

How to Fill a Prescription
Pharmaceutical benefits are provided throughPrime Therapeutics. To fill a prescription, students should select a pharmacy from the Pharmacy Locator. Show the pharmacy ID card to the pharmacy to receive the proper benefits. The student then pays for their portion of the medication costs.

If assistance is needed, a student has difficulty finding a doctor or has questions about benefits, call Academic HealthPlans at1-855-247-2273.

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Medical Coverage while on Medical Leave/ Reduced Course Load (RCL)

  1. Students interested in continued medical coverage while on a Medical Leave or Reduced Course Load (RCL) must comply with strict deadlines.
  2. In order to extend coverage for a semester without attending classes, the student must promptly submit dated documentation to support the request.
  3. Supporting documentation must be received prior to the start of the semester. Students should work with their DSO to avoid termination of their medical coverage.
  4. The DSO should immediately notify LSCS' Risk Management department of the medical coverage request.
  5. Proof of the leave and the request for coverage must be reviewed and approved by AHP and insurance company, who reserve the right to contact the medical provider to confirm eligibility complies with the Plan.
  6. If approved, Risk Management will have the fee charged in iStar and will notify the DSO. The student must pay the fee without delay, i.e., and comply with the same deadlines as those used for semester registration. It is important to note that any exceptions to the above must be approved by Risk Management as in compliance with insurance policy rules and regulations.

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