Cost of Attendance & Payment Methods for International Students

International students should be prepared to pay all expenses, both educational and living.  Unfortunately, financial aid is not available to international students. Information about tuition and fees and payment due dates is available online. See the Payment Methods section below for information on paying tuition and fees.

Cost of Attendance - Estimates

To be considered for admission on an F-1 visa, applicants must be able to demonstrate that they are able to pay their educational and living expenses for at least one year. At minimum, applicants must show they have the total amount listed below available to them.

Please note:  These figures are subject to change without notice so please review these costs with your Designated School Official (DSO)/International Student Advisor before making a final decision. 



Estimated Cost
(Fall, Spring and Summer combined)
Tuition & Fees: $ 4,524 (30 Credit Hours)*
Meningitis document processing fee: $ 10.00
(Estimate for planning purposes only -
Amount varies based on courses)
$ 2,500
Room & Board:
(Estimate for planning purposes only -
On-campus housing is not available. 
Amount varies based on personal lifestyle)
$ 11,533
Transportation (if available):
(Public transportation not available at all campuses.
Estimate for planning purposes only -
Amount varies based on personal lifestyle)
$ 1,672
Personal Expenses:
(Estimate for planning purposes only -
Amount varies based on personal lifestyle)
$ 2,570
Mandatory Medical Insurance:
(For student only. Subject to change annually without notice)
$ 1,164
Total $ 23,973**

*Tuition and Fees are subject to change without notice. Fees may vary depending on actual class and program requirements. (The Tuition and Fees estimated here include an average Differential Fee of $5 per credit hour and an estimated Lab Fee of $48.) There is an additional $24 testing fee for students who must take the complete Compass ESL (English as a Second Language) placement assessment. The fee is $8 per section if a partial assessment is needed. Please contact the business/bursar's office for further clarification.

**Please add $4,141 per dependent per year (fall, spring, and summer) if dependent(s) will be accompanying you.


Payment Methods & International Wire Transfers

Current students can pay on-line via myLoneStar. You can also pay at the business office window with cash, U.S. checks, or U.S.-based credit or debit cards. More information about paying using these methods can be found here. Payment via wire transfers is also available. More information is listed below.

International Wire Transfers

Lone Star College System has partnered with peerTransfer to provide you with an easy and secure method of sending international payments from other countries (including Venezuela).  peerTransfer allows you to pay from almost any country and any bank! 

       peerTransfer allows you to: 

  • Save on bank fees and exchange rates
  • Receive peace of mind with dedicated multilingual customer support
  • Track your payment from start to finish


Using peerTransfer to make payments from a country other than Venezuela

To learn more about making payments, go to or contact Customer Support at

To book your next payment, go to


Using peerTransfer to make payments from Venezuela

When you use peerTransfer to make payments from Venezuela you will receive all the necessary information to provide to your bank.

Please use the provided payment instructions to complete the “Carta de Instrucción Remesa Estudiante" available at your bank.  After completing this card's instructions, the bank will process your request to purchase USD through CENCOEX (Centro Nacional de Comercio Exterior). When approved, they will send the money to peerTransfer. peerTransfer will then send your payment to your school. Please be aware that the process may take up to 4 weeks to be completed.

You will receive a delivery confirmation email when Lone Star College receives the payment.

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