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LSC-Montgomery Winter 2018-19 Mini-Mester

Accelerate Your Graduation

Whether you are a student from our university partner looking to transfer a course or a current Lone Star College student, you can save money and accelerate your graduation by taking a mini-mester course. Scroll down to see the list of courses available for this Winter Mini-mester and register for a class today!

Registration opened Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

Admissions – Applying to Lone Star College

All students applying for the Winter Mini-Term must follow Lone Star College admissions guidelines.
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Academic Advisement

Lone Star College-Montgomery encourages all students to participate in academic advisement throughout their tenure here. The Academic Advisement process includes meeting with a counselor or advisor to choose courses and make appropriate decisions concerning students’ academic goals.
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The Counseling Services team is available year-round to assist students who may be in need of academic, career and personal counseling.
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Registration Dates

Winter Mini-Term 2018
Dates Description
November 14 Registration begins
December 7 Last day to register/pay
December 17 Classes Start
Dec. 25 & Jan. 1 Winter Holidays for Mini-Term

View the detailed registration schedule on our Academic Calendar.

Courses Offered at LSC-Montgomery

Title Course ID Section Class
Art Appreciation ARTS 1301 4M01 15400
Business Computer Apps BCIS 1305 4MW1 11225
Business Computer Apps BCIS 1305 4MW3 11227
Personal Finance BUSI 1307 4MW1 10405
Introduction to Computers COSC 1301 4MW1 17470
Theatre Appreciation DRAM 1310 4M01 14784
Macro-economics ECON 2301 4MW1 10362
Macro-economics ECON 2301 4MW2 10363
Micro-economics ECON 2302 4MW1 10374
Micro-economics ECON 2302 4MW2 16659
Learning Framework: 1st Year Experience EDUC 1300 4M01 17367
British Lit: Romantic-Present ENGL 2323 4M01 4139
Comp & Rhetoric II ENGL 1302 4M01 4718
Comp & Rhetoric II ENGL 1302 4M02 4719
Comp & Rhetoric I ENGL 1301 4M01 5092
Driver/Operator-Pumper FIRS 2344 4M01 1099
Federal Government GOVT 2305 4MW1 3135
Federal Government GOVT 2305 4MW2 3137
Texas Government GOVT 2306 4MW1 3139
Texas Government GOVT 2306 4MW2 3140
Texas Government GOVT 2306 4MW3 3142
US History to 1877 HIST 1301 4MW1 3262
US History Since 1877 HIST 1302 4MW1 3699
US History Since 1877 HIST 1302 4M01 3702
College Algebra MATH 1314 4M01 2108
Trigonometry MATH 1316 4M01 2109
Statistics MATH 1342 4M01 2110
American Music MUSI 1310 4M01 17180
Intro to Philosophy PHIL 1301 4M01 11876
Principles of Sociology SOCI 1301 4M01 12200
Minority Studies SOCI 2319 4M02 16842
Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 2312 4W02 17371
Public Speaking SPCH 1315 4M01 13398
Interpersonal Comm SPCH 1318 4M01 17265
Computer Aided Mapping SRVY 2309 4MW1 17551

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Student Load and Overload

A student may take only one course during the Mini-Term. An overload during any term must be approved by the academic vice president or designee. 


Payment for the Mini-Term tuition and fees is due in FULL by December 7, 2018. These classes are NOT eligible for a payment plan.

Payment plans must be obtained through myLoneStar and are available prior to the payment deadline for registration. Visit LoneStar.edu/payment-plan for information relating to the payment plan offered.

Visit the Tuition and Fees page for payment information.

Things to know for using your Financial Aid for Mini-Term:

  • You must have a completed 2018-2019 financial aid file and have established eligibility.
  • The Winter Mini-Term is part of the Spring 2019 term.
  • Book advances are not available during the Mini-Term.  Student will be responsible to purchase their own books and supplies.
  • Transient students will not be eligible for Mini-Term aid.
  • You must be making satisfactory academic progress. Click here to view the written standards.
  • For more detailed information regarding financial aid processes please refer to our link. http://lonestar.edu/financial-aid.htm


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