Purpose of the TSI Assessment

The State of Texas requires all students who attend a public institution of higher education to be placed into their college courses based on the Texas Success Initiative (TSI).  The purpose of placement testing is to determine your current level of skills and knowledge in math, reading, and writing.

Who Has to Take the TSI Assessment?

All students, unless considered TSI Complete, must take a complete assessment (TSI) prior to enrolling at LSCS. Enrollment in most college-level courses requires scores high enough to place into the college-level course or students will need to complete all appropriate developmental coursework with a “C” or better. For more information about standards for TSI complete and placement test scores, please review the LSCS Catalog.

How to prepare for the TSI Assessment (Test Prep)

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Test Prep / TSI Assessment  Workshops:

This FREE three-hour workshop provides participants with an overview of computer-based placement testing, testing strategies, and information about each portion of the test, including sample questions and how tests are scored.

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Test Prep - SIGN UP  - *Please arrive 15 minutes before session starts.

Ready to take your TSI Assessment?

Step 1
Contact LSC-Montgomery Admissions desk located in Bldg. C - 1st Floor
Step 2 Obtain a Test Ticket from an admissions specialist
Step 3 Pay for your test at the Business Office in Bldg. E - 1st Floor.
Step 4 Register for Test Prep. Test Prep is not required but recommended. The Test Prep should be completed before TSI Assessment.
Step 5 The "Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) is required before taking the TSI Assessment. The PAA is a 10 minutes video and should be completed in your MyLoneStar account
Step 6 Come to the Testing Center with your Test Ticket, receipt and a photo I.D.
Step 7 The Complete TSI Assessment (noted as all parts on the test ticket) can be taken at the dates, times and locations on the back side of the test ticket. Students should allow at least four hours to complete this exam.
Step 8 Students needing to take only one or two sections of the placement exam should allow at least two hours to complete a single portion of the exam. Students can come to the Test Center to take the partial exam at any time the Testing Center is open and bring a test ticket, paid receipt and a photo I.D.

Reservation for TSI Assessment Test is recommended not required:

*Arrival 15 minutes before the exam is required.

For more information about TSI Assessment / Test Prep contact:

Learning Center Courtesy Counter:

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