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Student Resources

The Lone Star College-Montgomery Music Department prepares students for careers in music through an intensive two-year field of study in theory, ear training, music history, keyboard skills and private performance lessons. Below are resources for our students:

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Minimum Acceptable Grades For Transfer to 4-Year Academic Institutions

Most students at Lone Star College-Montgomery plan to transfer into four-year colleges and universities. We’ve worked hard to align our curriculum with theirs, so that all of your courses will transfer smoothly (see Field of Study). But, you should be aware that most of these colleges and universities have requirements for the lowest acceptable grade in transfer credit.

In general, the lowest grade in general studies (non music) courses that will transfer is a C, the lowest grade in a music-major course that will transfer is a B.

As you can see, making sure you have the time to commit to the classes you are taking and maintaining good grades is crucial. Otherwise, you will have to retake any classes in which you receive a lower grade than these once you transfer.

Interested in Scholarships? 

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Student Worker

Interested in working as a part-time student assistant? Please submit a resume and cover letter to

Theory Tutor

Interested in working as a part-time music theory and sight-signing tutor? Please submit a resume and cover letter to


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