LSC-Montgomery offers a wide variety of resources to assist in the learning of the English language. Below is a brief outline of each resource:

Practicing English Pronunciation (PEP)

Working one-on-one with instructors, this specialized, award-winning program initiated at LSC-Montgomery allows students to work on perfecting their English pronunciation skills.

Language Lab

Learning a new language takes practice, practice, and more practice, and the Language Lab at LSC-Montgomery is just the place for that. The Language Lab has the most innovative technology and software to allow students to independently practice their language skills. Level specific software programs are available in Grammar, Reading, Writing, and Pronunciation—all for free! more »

Language Lab
General Academic Building (Bldg.G), Room G-104

ESOL Tutoring

Free tutoring is available to all LSC - Montgomery students. A tutor is available to support ESOL students as they work on improving their English, be it in grammar, reading, writing, or conversation skills. Students need to make an appointment at the Languauge Lab for their ESOL tutoring sessions.

Additionally, students may approach The Write Place for help with grammar, writing, and reading. Walk-ins are welcome. more »

The Write Place
General Academic Building (Bldg.G), Room G-103


LSC-Montgomery library has an extensive selection of books specially designed and selected for ESOL student which cross genres and grade levels. Additionally, ESOL students can take full benefit of our campus library and the resources and service it offers. more »

Clubs & Organizations 

There is no better way to learn a language than engaging and immersing oneself in it. LSC-Montgomery Office of Student Life promotes student success by engaging students in a variety of opportunities that support their cultural, social, intellectual, and physical development while enhancing their overall college experience. more »

Useful Links for Students

There are wonderful online resources available to help students with their language skills beyond the classroom setting. Here are some useful sites for ESOL students:

Websites Listening Grammar Writing Reading Pronunciation & Vocabulary
ThoughtCo   x x x x
ESL Gold x x x x x
Antimoon         x
English-Zone   x x x x
Dave's ESL Café   x      
ESL Lounge x x   x x
Using English   x x x  
5 Minute English x x   x x
English Club   x     x
Ello x     x  
Talk English x   x    
ESL Dictation Exercises x   x    
ESL Sentence Structure     x    


ESLPod Podcast 



ESL Aloud

YouTube Channels

VOA Learning English

Listen and Read Along


English with Jennifer

Rachel's English

BBC Learning English

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