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LSC-Montgomery SFAC

Notice of Meeting

The LSC-Montgomery Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) will be meeting TBA.


Meeting Minutes/Meeting Agenda-2020-2021

March 6th 2020 Agenda

March 6th 2020 Meeting Minutes

May 27th 2020 Agenda

May 27th 2020 Meeting Minutes

June 10th 2020 Agenda

June 10th 2020 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes/Meeting Agenda-2019-2020

April 15 Agenda

April 15 Meeting Mintues

April 23rd Agenda

April 23rd Meeting Mintues

May 2nd Agenda

May 2nd Meeting Minutes

May 8th Agenda

May 8th Meeting Minutes

May 22nd Agenda

May 22nd Meeting Minutes

June 6th Agenda

June 6th Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes-2018-2019

May 14th Meeting Minutes

May 23rd Meeting Minutes

May 29th Meeting Minutes

Approved SFAC Allocation Recommendations

FY19 Student Activity Fee Budget Summary Approved

FY20 Student Activitiy Fee Budget Summary Approved 

FY21 Student Activitiy Fee Budget Summary Approved 



Juan Pablo- 2019-2020 1 Year term

Bryan Alvarez- 2019-2021 2 Year term

Geraldo Castillo- 2019-2020 1 Year term

Jon Stubbings- 2019-2021 2 Year term

Maria Martinez- 2019-2021 2 Year term


Latricia Kokuma -VP Office 2018-2021

Carmelle White Staff -Student Services 2018-2021 (Chair)

Kara Hipchen- Financial Aid 2018-2021

Rebecca Howard - History Faculty 2018-2021 (Vice Chair) 




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