Fall Basketball League begins September 18

Fall 2015 Results:


Lamar University                            Def.                Lone Star College-Tomball         61-23

HCC-Northwest                               Def.                University of Houston                29-26



HCC-Northwest                               Def.                Lamar University                       31-26



Toni Garrison-University of Houston

Jasmine Reese-Lamar University

Ashley Killommins-Lone Star College-Tomball

Laura Chavez-Houston Community College-Northwest

Nicole Davis-Houston Community College-Northwest


2014 Champions-Houston Community College Northwest


Runner Up-Lamar University


2014 Fall Participants:

Houston Community College-Northwest

Houston Community College-Southwest

Lamar University

Lone Star College-North Harris

Lone Star College-Tomball

Rice University

University of Houston

University of Houston-Downtown


Basketball Rules

Each participant in the Lone Star Sports Club Conference must meet the following requirements at all times during competition and affiliation with the team:


  • Must be a currently enrolled student with at least 6 credit hours.  Faculty, staff and alumni are ineligible to participant.  All participants must provide a college/University ID prior to each contest.


  • Must represent the same institution.


  • May not be a current member of a varsity team or played varsity within the same academic year in related activity.


  • Can not have been a professional in related activity.


  • May not be on current academic probation during any contest.


  • Must have a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0


All players must have matching uniforms (jerseys and shorts) with numbers on the front and the back. Numbers cannot be written or taped onto the jersey and the jersey must match, meaning same brand, color and design.  All players must wear the same jersey number that is on the roster and cannot be switched during any contest.

Players may not have any objects on their head that could be considered dangerous.  This includes beads and “do-rags.”  All players must tuck in shirts and shorts must be above the buttocks.  No jewelry of any kind may be worn.


All rosters must be turned in prior to the start of the season with a maximum of 15

eligible players.  All players must meet the minimum requirements set forth by the league.  Any team that is in violation of this rule will receive a forfeit for every game the player is on the roster, whether he/she played or not.  If a player is found to be ineligible, the team will then be removed from the league and will not be allowed to participate in the Lone Star Sport Club Conference for at least one season.  The coach may be banned from the league permanently depending on the outcome of the investigation. 

All roster changes must be made 3 days in advance of each contest.  Players will not be added to the roster on the day of the game.  It is the responsibility of both teams to check the roster each game and make sure that players have ID’s and are on the official roster.  These rosters will be sent out each Thursday prior to the game.  Make sure you print an updated roster prior to each game.  The last day for roster changes will be Wednesday, October 3, 2013 by 12:00pm. 

Schedule Changes

Each team has been given several opportunities to make changes to the schedule. Once the schedule is finalized, it must be followed throughout the season.  On the chance that a decision has been made to change it (not likely), schedule changes will only be allowed by permission of the commissioner, the other teamand7 days in advance. 


Any team that forfeits a game will not advance into the playoffs.  Any team that receives two forfeits will be dropped from the league.  A team that receives a forfeit due to not showing up for a game on time will be responsible for the payment of officials.

Pre-Game Preparations

All players must present a College/University ID (preferred) or a Texas Driver’s License prior to each contest.  If you do not have an ID, you will not be allowed to play.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

Three certified officials will be assigned to all games.  The home team will be responsible for payment of each official. 

All games will start promptly as scheduled.  Everything must be set up for the game at  least 30 minutes prior to start time.  Visiting teams will need to make allowances for traffic, trains, etc.  Game time is forfeit time.

Scorekeeper/Clock Operators

Please make sure all table personnel is qualified to keep score and run the clock.  Make sure that he/she is aware of all game rules prior to assigning them the task.  All teams must check in 30 minutes prior to the game, so everything must be ready to go.  If scorekeepers are not qualified to do the job, this can be a cause for protest by the visiting team.

Please ensure each team feels welcome and comfortable in your environment.  All visiting team coaches and players must be provided an adequate time to warm up and seating.  Many teams will have fans attend the game; it would be great if they could have seating as well. 


Security is not a requirement at this time, but make sure you have enough staff available to help control the crowd.  We do not want things to get out of hand, but if so, officials are to stop the game immediately and address the issue.  In some cases games may be declared a forfeit by one or both teams, even if it is after the game during egress of the facility.  The goal is that every team as well as its fans represent the league well at all times.


At the completion of each game, team representatives must e-mail the results and scores by the following Monday no later than 5:00pm.  Any incidents that may occur must be noted at this time. 

Post-Season Tournament

The champion of the Lone Star Sport Club Conference Basketball League will be determined during the post-season tournament.  Teams will be seated according to their regular season record.  A team that receives a forfeit during the regular season will not be allowed to participate in the post-season tournament.


Protests can be made when a rule is in question.  Protests will not be considered if they are based on a decision involving the accuracy or judgment on the part of an official. 

Protest must be made to the official at the time in which the incident occurred.  It is too late to protest once the game is complete.

If a team wishes to protest because they believe a correctable error has occurred they will do the following:

Upon gaining possession or during a dead ball, the team will call a time out, alert the game officials that they wish to protest, and will sate specifically what  “correctable error” they think has been made.

The game officials will alert the team that the a) the error is not correctable; b)the error is correctable; or c)they aren’t sure.

In a-the ball will immediately be put back in play and the team will not be charged with a timeout.  Teams are allowed this courtesy ONE TIME during the course of a game.  A team making any subsequent requests that are not “correctable” will be charged with a timeout.

In b or c-the game officials will charge a timeout to the team and they will call the commissioner of the league who will then make the final ruling.

If the error is indeed correctable, the error will be fixed and the team will not be charged with a timeout.  If the error is not correctable, the team will be charged with and may use a timeout.  If no timeouts are available, a technical foul will be issued.

Teams may not protest the fact that a player was ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct or protest a judgment call of an official.


Unless otherwise stated, The National Federation of State H.S. Association Basketball Rules will be followed.

The game shall begin with a jump ball between any two players, one from each team, with possession alternating between each team in all jump ball situations after the opening jump.  Each overtime period will begin with a jump ball between any two players, one from each team.

The game shall consist of two twenty-minute halves with a running game clock. 

The game clock will run continuously with the following exceptions: 

The last two minutes of each half when it will stop for all fouls, violations, and timeouts. 

  1. If a team is ahead by 15 or more points anytime during the last two minutes of the second half, the clock will continue to run without stopping until the differential is below 15 points.
  2. The game clock will stop for all team timeouts and resume after the ball is in-bounded following the timeout.
  3. The referee will stop the game clock for serious injuries, game clock and scoreboard problems and other such issues and incidents.

Halftime will be five (5)minutes in length.

Each team is permitted four (4) time-outs per game, each one minute in length.

If the score is tied at the end of the second half, play shall continue without a change of baskets for one or more extra periods with a one-minute intermission before each extra period.  As many such periods as are necessary to break the tie shall be played.

Extra periods are an extension of the second half (personal and team fouls carry over).  The length of the extra period shall be three minutes.

The clock will run continuously until the last minute of each period when it will stop for all fouls, violations, and timeouts.

Each team is allowed one timeout, one minute in length for each overtime period.  Timeouts not used during regulation play CANNOT be used during the overtime periods.


A successful try from the field by a player who is located behind the 19 foot 9 inch line counts three points.  Any other goal from the field counts two points for the team into whose basket the ball is thrown.

A goal from a free throw counts one point for the thrower’s team.

The Mercy Rule will take effect when a team is winning by 30 or more points with 10 minutes (or less) remaining in the game.

Fouls and Penalties

Any player charged with a fifth foul shall be disqualified from the game.

A bonus free throw shall be awarded for each common foul (except a player control foul) committed by a player of a team beginning with that team’s 7th foul in a half, provided the first attempt is successful.  A player control is counted as a team foul for reaching bonus.

Two free throws shall be awarded for each common foul (except a player control foul) committed by a player of a team beginning with that team’s 10th foul in a half.  A player control foul is counted as a team foul for reaching bonus.

Two free throws will be attempted for intentional fouls, technical fouls, and flagrant fouls.  The offended team gets possession of the ball after the free throws have been attempted.

Dunking is legal during all official games.  However, dunking is not allowed during a dead ball including pre-game, and/or the half-time warm up period and/or the post-game period.  Hanging on the rim is also illegal (except to prevent injury) and is penalized with a technical foul.

Technical Fouls

The opposing team will be awarded two free throws and possession of the ball at the division line.

Any player receiving 2 technical fouls or a flagrant foul will be ejected from the game.  Any ejected player shall be removed from the court and shall be disqualified for the next game.  Any player ejected from any 2 league games will be ineligible for play for the duration of the season.

Free Throws

Substitutions:  During multiple free throw fouls, substitutions may be made only before the final attempt in a sequence and after the final attempt has been converted.

Free throw lane provisions:  A player occupying a lane space may not enter the lane until the ball touches the ring or backboard, or until the free throw ends.


If a tie exists, it will be decided as follows:

1.      Head-to Head competition

2.      Point differential

3.      If two teams have the same point differential, then who beat whom in head-to-head competition will determine playoff placement

4.      If all three teams have the same point differential, then the total points scored will determine playoff placement

5.      If teams are still tied, then the fewest points allowed will determine playoff placement