Spring 2014 Soccer begins in February!


2014 Spring Men's League Participants:

College of the Mainlands

Houston Community College-Northwest

Houston Community College-Southeast

Houston Community College-Southwest

Lee College

Lone Star College-CyFair

Lone Star College-Kingwood

Lone Star College-Montgomery

Lone Star College-North Harris

Lone Star College-Tomball

Lone Star College-University Park

Texas Southern University

University of Houston

University of Houston-Downtown


2014 Spring Champions:

Lone Star College-North Harris


Runner Up:

Lone Star College-CyFair


2014 Women's League Participants:

Houston Community College-NW

Houston Community College-SW

Lone Star College-North Harris

Lone Star College-Tomball

University of Houston

2014 Champions:  University of Houston


League Rules

Regular Season

All games will start promptly unless indicated.  Game time will be forfeit time.  The referees have the right to forfeit the match if a team is not there at the designated time.  Heavy traffic, construction, or getting lost is not valid enough reasons to be late for a match and to avoid a team forfeit.

The home team should have the playing area set-up for the game at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time.  Teams should exchange rosters with coaches prior to the start of warm-up.  Referees will check rosters and identification prior to the start of the match. 

Rosters must be turned in for each team prior to the start of the season.   Any changes must be made by Wednesday prior to the match.  If a player is not on the official roster he/she will not be allowed to play.  Each roster must be checked prior to the start of all contests.  The last day for adding players to your roster will be Wednesday, March 24th, 2010.  Teams that play with an ineligible player will receive a forfeit for the match.  Teams that forfeit will not advance into the championship tournament.

Game balls must be provided by the home team as well as water for the visiting team.

The schedule must be following throughout the season.  Any changes must be approved by the league commissioner and both teams involved.  Again, schedules changes can only be allowed by permission of the commissioner, the other team and 7 days in advance. 

At the completion of the game, team representatives must e-mail the results by the Monday following the match.


Each participant in the Lone Star Sport Club Conference must meet the following requirements at all times during competition and affiliation with the team:

Must be a currently enrolled student with at least 6 credit hours.  Faculty, staff and alumni are ineligible to participant.  All participants must provide a college ID prior to each contest.

Must represent the same institution.

May not be a current member of a varsity team or played varsity within the same academic year in related activity.

Can not have been a professional in related activity.

May not be on current academic probation during any contest.

Must have a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0


Unless otherwise stated, current FIFA rules will be used.  Each team is limited to 25 players per match.

A team must have a minimum of seven (7) eligible players to play an official match.  If one or both teams have less than the minimum number of eligible players, a forfeit will be declared.  The referee will make the decision at the field and the home team is still responsible for payment.

All Players on a team (except goalie) must wear the same color uniforms with numbers on the front and/or the back. Players may not have any objects on their head that could be considered dangerous.  This includes beads and “do-rags.”  No jewelry of any kind may be worn, including rubber bands.  All players must wear shin guards.

Substitutions are allowed during goal kicks or corner kicks by either team, for an injured player (one for one), for a yellow card (one for one) although not mandatory, and after a goal has been scored.

Substitutions by the team with possession of the ball shall be permitted prior to a restart by a throw-in.  If the team in possession chooses to substitute, the team not in possession may sub as well.  If the team in possession chooses not to substitute, the team not in possession may not sub either.  Substitutes entering before goal kicks, corner kicks, or throw-ins must wait to come in at the half-way line prior to the ball going out of play, so that the team may not stall before sending a sub in after the ball is already out of play.

Yellow cards may be given by an official for conduct deemed detrimental to the game.

Red cards may be issued for fighting or other unsportsmanlike conduct, and may result in suspension for the remainder of the season at the advisory board’s discretion.  The decision will be made after a review of all pertinent information.  Any player receiving a red card is immediately ejected from the game and is ineligible for the team’s next game.  Ejected players must leave the playing area at once.

Matches that are tied at the end of regulation play will remained tied.


The league will be responsible for providing three certified referees for each match.  If only one official is present, the match may be played with a second uncertified official provided both teams agree.  If no certified officials are present, the match may be played with uncertified officials provided both teams agree.  The league commissioner should be contacted immediately.  Protests will not be accepted concerning the number of referees after the match.


Due to the number of opportunities each team is given to have input into the schedule, there should not be any forfeits due to schedule conflicts. If they are not reported in a timely manner, officials will still need to be paid by the home team.  All teams that receive a forfeit will not be eligible for the championship tournament.  Forfeits will be given by the commissioner for ineligible players.  There are no exceptions to this rule. 


Only protests of eligibility and misapplication of the Rules of the Game will be considered. PROTESTS OF JUDGMENT CALLS BY THE REFEREE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

To be valid and eligible for consideration, each protest:

1) Must be verbally lodged with the referee and with the opposing coach at the game site before entering the

field of play or before leaving the game site.

2) The Tournament Director must be verbally notified of the intent to lodge a protest within 30 minutes of the

end of the match or decision being protested.

3) Must be filed with the Tournament Director within 1 hour after the completion of the game being protested

and include:

a) Legible written copy of the protest, which must include full particulars of the grounds on which the

protest is lodged

b) Legible written copy of any information to be presented by witnesses.


Every reasonable effort should be made to play a match even with inclement weather. Teams should never assume that because it is raining, their match is automatically postponed.  A team may be subject to a forfeit if they do not show up for a match even if there is inclement weather. Teams should prepare as though the match will be played as normal. 

Home teams with their own fields should check the condition of their field as early as possible on the day of the match to ensure that the field is playable.  The game referees will have the final decision in determining if the field is playable. 

Home teams that use fields that are not their own should also check the condition of their field as early as possible on the day of the match to ensure that the field is playable. If applicable, home teams should be in constant communication with their field operator.  Most times the field operators make the final determination if their field is playable.  If not, the game referees will make the final decision.

There will be a 90 minute cut-off time before the scheduled match time before the referees may be contacted to postpone the match due to an unplayable field.  If the match is not postponed before the 90 minute cut-off time, then the home team will be responsible for paying the officials regardless if the match is played or not.  The league commissioner should be contacted at 713.498.0592.

Once the match starts, the referee will stop the game if the field is unsafe or if there is clear evidence that a thunderstorm is going to be around for hours. If there is thunder or lightning in the area, the referee will stop the game and suspend play for 30 minutes from the last lightning strike (each new lightning strike or close thunder will restart the 30 minute clock). If the weather is so bad (or the field becomes unsafe) that the referee stops the game for good in the second half, it is considered a completed game and will be reflected as such in the league standings.

The two teams should make every effort to contact each other well before the match and keep in constant communication.


            Standings will be determined by the World Cup point system:

                        Each win=3 points

                        Each tie=1 point

***Lone Star Conference Championship will be decided at the championship tournament.  Top 4 teams will advance into a single-elimination tournament.  Teams that receive a forfeit will not advance into the tournament.