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Clery Crime Alerts

Archived Clery Crime Alerts

Year 2020

Date Clery Offense Campus  
02/12/2020 Auto Theft CyFair PDF
01/24/2020 Auto Theft Houston North Victory PDF

Year 2019

Date Clery Offense Campus  
11/14/2019 Auto Theft Kingwood PDF
11/05/2019 Stalking (Update) Kingwood PDF
10/28/2019 Stalking Kingwood PDF
10/14/2019 Burglary (Update) University Park PDF
10/14/2019 Burglary University Park PDF
10/02/2019 Auto Theft Kingwood PDF
09/11/2019 Motor Vehicle Theft (Motorcycle) Montgomery PDF
08/20/2019 Attempted Motor Vehicle Theft Victory Center PDF
06/16/2019 Burglary North Harris PDF
06/12/2019 Statutory Rape (Update) Kingwood PDF
05/24/2019 Statutory Rape Kingwood PDF
04/23/2019 Motor Vehicle Theft Kingwood PDF
04/17/2019 Drug Offense/Drug Arrest Fairbanks Center PDF
04/17/2019 Motor Vehicle Theft University Park PDF
04/16/2019 Stalking University Park PDF
04/12/2019 Fondling Victory Center PDF
04/08/2019 Weapons Arrest University Park PDF
04/08/2019 Stalking (UPDATE) University Park PDF
04/05/2019 Stalking University Park PDF
04/02/2019 Stalking (UPDATE) North Harris PDF
04/02/2019 Stalking North Harris PDF
03/25/2019 Burglary Kingwood PDF
02/09/2019 Family (Domestic) Violence University Park PDF
01/29/2019 Auto Theft University Park PDF
01/23/2019 Attempted Auto Theft Kingwood PDF
01/16/2019 Auto Theft Kingwood PDF
01/09/2019 Burglary Montgomery PDF


Year 2018

Date Clery Offense Campus  
11/06/2018 Stalking North Harris PDF
10/26/2018 Hate Crime Assault Tomball PDF
10/25/2018 Inappropriate Contact University Park PDF
10/23/2018 Inappropriate Contact CyFair PDF
10/05/2018 Sex Offense, Fondling North Harris PDF
09/06/2018 Sexual Assault CyFair PDF
09/05/2018 Auto Theft Tomball PDF
09/04/2018 Sexual Assault CyFair PDF
07/12/2018 Weapons Arrest (UPDATE) Cypress Center PDF
07/10/2018 Weapons Arrest Cypress Center PDF
06/13/2018 Auto Theft Arrest North Harris PDF
05/27/2018 Burglary (ARREST) North Harris PDF
05/22/2018 Burglary Montgomery PDF
05/21/2018 Burglary North Harris PDF
05/19/2018 Burglary University Park PDF
05/12/2018 Attempted Auto Theft Atascocita Center PDF
04/19/2018 Weapon Arrest Montgomery PDF
02/15/2018 Weapons/Marijuana Poss University Park PDF
01/22/2018 Burglary Storage Container Fairbanks Center PDF



Year 2017

Date Clery Offense Campus  
12/20/2017 Agg Robbery (ARREST) CyFair PDF
12/14/2017 Aggravated Robbery CyFair PDF
12/07/2017 Auto Theft North Harris PDF
11/30/2017 Stalking CyFair PDF
10/10/2017 Auto Theft Fairbanks Center PDF
10/02/2017 Auto Theft North Harris PDF
08/02/2017 Assault/Fondling North Harris PDF
06/27/2017 Auto Theft Kingwood PDF
05/23/2017 Auto Theft Kingwood PDF
02/14/2017 Domestic Violence/Stalking CyFair PDF
01/26/2017 Sex Offense, Fondling North Harris PDF


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