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Research Tips ImageTip #20: Save Time Citing Sources!

Many library databases provide citations for sources (i.e., check for a "cite" or "citation" link or listing). But, their citation accuracy isn't always 100% correct. Its helpful to know what source information is needed (e.g., author, title, publication date, etc.), so you can identify when a citation looks right. KnightCite is a fairly accurate citation creator service that will take source data you provide and format MLA, APA, and Chicago citations. Review computer-generated citations with human-generated citation guides as well to be safe.

Start Your Research Project with Proven Tips and Tools!

What Topic Should I Research?

  • Check assignment details from your professor for: 
    • the scope of the project
    • the type of information required or suggested
    • the format of the project (e.g., presentation, paper, etc.)
  • Ask a librarian for topic ideas related to your interests.
  • Get topic suggestions from:
  • Focus your topic on a specific and manageable aspect that interests you:
    • time period or geographical area
    • problem, viewpoint, issue, or trend
    • group affected by the topic

Where Do I Search for Information?

Note: For off-campus access, enter the barcode number on your college ID/ library card. Or request a library card barcode number. 

How Do I Select Sources and Organize Them?

How Do I Cite My Sources?

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