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Tip #21: Scan Sources for Follow-Up Research Leads!

As you find useful articles, books, and web sites in your searches, scour the content for names of people, organizations, laws, or events related to your topic. Perform additional searches for those research leads to find support information to enhance your topic understanding. Your resulting project should benefit from your investigative skills!

Start Your Research Project with Proven Tips and Tools!

What Topic Should I Research?

  • Check assignment details from your professor for:
    • the scope of the project
    • the type of information required or suggested
    • the format of the project (e.g., presentation, paper, etc.)
  • Ask a librarian for topic ideas related to your interests.
  • Get topic suggestions from:
  • Focus your topic on a specific and manageable aspect that interests you:
    • time period or geographical area
    • problem, viewpoint, issue, or trend
    • group affected by the topic

Where Do I Search for Information?

Note: For off-campus access, enter the barcode number on your college ID/ library card. Or request a library card barcode number.

How Do I Select Sources and Organize Them?

How Do I Cite My Sources?

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