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What Topic Should I Research?

  • Check assignment details from your professor for:
    • the scope of the project
    • the type of information required or suggested
    • the format of the project (e.g., presentation, paper, etc.)
  • Ask a librarian for topic ideas related to your interests.
  • Get topic suggestions from:
    • Online News Hour-Newsdesk (Note: Click on menu on the left top of the page for more coverage or use the search box in the top right to locate a specific topic)
    • Old Dominion Libraries Idea Generator (topic ideas under broad categories such as education, health sciences, etc.)
    • Go Behind the News Blog (stories in the news that have background information in LSC-CyFair Branch Library)
    • Credo Reference
      LSC-CyFair Users | HCPL Users
      Try this: In Credo, enter a large topic such as psychology or a small topic such as panic disorder and click on the mind map labels provided with search results to focus your research area.
  • Focus your topic on a specific and manageable aspect that interests you:
    • time period or geographical area
    • problem, viewpoint, issue, or trend
    • group affected by the topic

What Topic Words Are Best for Online Information Searches?

  • Select nouns as your primary search words.
    (examples: person, place, or thing)
  • Start searching with 1 - 3 words or phrases.
    (example: PTSD)
  • Add the word – and – between search words.
    (example: women and veterans)
  • Put “quotes” around specific phrases.
    (example: women and veterans and "mental health")
  • Limit results by adding words to your search.
    (example: women and veterans and "mental health" and "United States")
  • Increase results by removing words from your search.
    (example: women and "mental health")

Where Do I Search for Information?

Note: For off-campus access, enter the barcode number on your college ID/ library card. Or request a library card barcode number.

How Do I Select Sources and Organize Them?

How Do I Cite My Sources?

How Do I Format Research Papers?

  • APA (Microsoft Word 2016)
  • MLA (Microsoft Word 2016)
  • Chicago from the Chicago Manual of Style CMOS Shop Talk

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