Rodrick MooreRodrick Moore is the Director of the ASC.
Office: LRNC 214
Sabika ZahraSabika Zahra is the Coordinator responsible for the center’s language and open labs, as well as for ESOL and languages tutoring.
Office: LRNC 212A
Geroya RichardsonGeroya Richardson is the Coordinator for Reading and Writing.
Office: LRNC 202
Luis MolinaLuis Molina is the Coordinator responsible for the Math and Science Centers, and for Math and Science tutoring.
Office: LRNC 202
Shaheen AnsariShaheen Ansari is our part-time Advisor supervising the Early Alert Program.
Office: LRNC 211
TC Villalobos TC Villalobos is a part-time Coordinator supervising the Men of Honor Program.
Judy SistrunkJudy Sistrunk is the part-time Administrative Assistant for the ASC.
Office: LRNC 211