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The HESI exam will be administered in the LSC-Tomball Assessment Center on the second floor of the LSC-Tomball Community Library in Room L201. Specific dates and times the exam will be offered are listed in the table below.

***Please see below for available dates and times***

Test Registration

The HESI test will be administered on a walk-in basis and seating is limited to 12 candidates per testing date. Testing candidates will be checked-in on a first-come, first-serve basis and all prospective testers must arrive at the Assessment/Testing Center no later than 9:30am. Testing will commence at 10:00am and no late arrivals will be accommodated.

Before you will be permitted to take the test, you must provide the following:

  1. A printed copy of the HESI Testing Ticket completed in its entirety
  2. A photo ID (Texas driver’s license, passport, school ID, state issued ID card, etc.)
  3. Their LSCS Student ID Number
  4. Create an Evolve Account
  5. Pay the $35 Testing Fee at the Bursar's/Cashier's Office

Print your LSC-Tomball HESI Testing Ticket

LSC-Tomball HESI Registration
30555 Tomball Parkway - Room L201
Tomball, TX 77375

Summer 2018 HESI Testing




MAY 18, 2018


JUNE 7, 2018


JUNE 21, 2018


JULY 12, 2018


JULY 19, 2018


AUGUST 2, 2018


AUGUST 9, 2018


AUGUST 17, 2018


AUGUST 24, 2018

Fall 2018 HESI Testing

More testing opportunities to come!




AUGUST 28, 2018


AUGUST 29, 2018


AUGUST 30, 2018


AUGUST 31, 2018

  • Seating capacity is limited to 12 (Twelve) testers per session.
  • You are allowed 5.5 hours to complete the exam. If you finish all parts of the test before the time is up you are free to leave.

Prior to Testing:

  • Create an Evolve Account
  • If you do not have a LSC Student ID number you must obtain one by applying for admission.
  • Download and print a HESI Testing Ticket (See link(s) above.)
  • For more information about the testing ticket or about applying to the LSC-Tomball Nursing program, visit the Nursing Homepage.
  • Check-in at the Assessment/Testing Center (L201) upon your arrival no later than 9:30am. You will then be directed to pay the $35 testing fee. Payments are not accepted in the Assessment Center. Be sure to arrive early enough before the scheduled check-in time to allow enough time to make your payment. 

The day of the test you will need:

  • Testing Ticket
  • Picture Identification
  • 7-digit LSC Student ID Number
  • PAID Receipt from the Business Office at the LSC campus you are testing at
  • Evolve Username and Password

Scratch paper, pencils, and a 4-function calculator will be provided by the testing center

About the Nursing Pre-Entrance HESI Exam:

  • The HESI Nursing Pre-Entrance Test is computer based.
  • Students will have a maximum of 5.5 hours to take the exam. With ADA accommodations, students may be allowed longer test taking time.
  • A study guide for Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam Review (HESI A2) can be purchased online.
  • If you take the test at any LSC campus, the score will appear on your application.
  • A minimum score of 75 for Basic Track and Transition and a 70 for LVN on ALL SECTIONS are required before applying to the program. Critical Thinking section must be passed with a minimum score of 750 for ADN and Transition, and a minimum score of 700 for Vocational Nursing.
  • If you have taken HESI outside the LSC System in the past year, official scores must be sent directly from Elsevier to the nursing program director one week prior to the application deadline; official scores must be submitted from Elsevier.
  • The HESI entrance exam scores must be less than one year old at the time of application.
  • When retaking the test, students will have to retake all 6 sections of the test.
  • Applicants wishing to retest must wait 60 days to retake the HESI Test. Scores from tests taken in violation of the 60-day rule are invalid.