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Lone Star College–Montgomery is proud of its accomplished drama faculty. With degrees from world class institutions and years of teaching experience, our faculty offer the highest quality of instruction right here at Lone Star College–Montgomery.

We offer a variety of class throughout the year including: Introduction to Theatre, Introduction to Make Up, Theatre Practicum Lighting and Sound Stagecraft, Development of the Motion Picture, Acting and much more! Check out the latest information regarding our faculty and the next theatre production at Lone Star College–Montgomery.

Theatre Faculty and Staff

Name Phone Office
Ross Brighten
Shop Foreman, Theatre
Faculty Web Site
936.271.6114 Ross.Brighten@LoneStar.edu D-106A
Emmy Frank
Assistant Professor, Theatre
936.273.7078 Emily.Frank@LoneStar.edu  
Rob Kreps
Program Director, Live Entertainment Technology
Professor, Theatre
Faculty Web Site
936.271.6309 Robert.P.Kreps@LoneStar.edu A-200N
Sandy Kreps
Adjunct Faculty, Theatre
Faculty Web Site
936-273-7260 Sandra.Kreps@LoneStar.edu A-200
Dr. Mark Marotto
Department Chair of Dance, Drama, and Music
936.273.7270 Mark.Marotto@lonestar.edu H-101C
Michael Morrison
Adjunct Faculty, Theatre
Chase Waites
Professor, Theatre
Faculty Web Site
936.271.6127 Houston.C.Waites@LoneStar.edu D-202
Courtney Young
Adjunct Faculty, Theatre
Faculty Web Site
936-273-7260 Courtney.Young@LoneStar.edu A-200