Math & Related (Accounting, Statistics, Economics)

Tutors for Transitional Math and College Algebra are always available during the Tutoring Program operating hours. Tutors for other subjects are available on a limited basis. To find out the current tutoring schedule for Math, visit the Tutoring Area or call 281-290-3279.

Tutoring Sessions

Math, Accounting, Statistics and Economics Tutoring
  • Students should bring any textbooks, lecture notes, and assignments when meeting with a tutor
  • Students should attempt solving a problem on their own before seeking assistance
  • Reading the chapter prior will result in a productive session 
  • Tutors will assist students preparing for standardized tests

Courses We Tutor:

Math 0306: Pre-Algebra
Math 0308: Introductory Algebra
Math 0310: Intermediate Algebra
Math 1314: College Algebra
Math 1316: Trigonometry
Math 1324: Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences
Math 1325: Calculus for Business and Social Sciences
Math 1342: Statistics
Math 2412: Pre-Calculus
Math 2413: Calculus I
Math 2414: Calculus II
Math 2415: Calculus III

Additional Tutoring is Available for:

Math 1332: Math for Liberal Arts
Math 1350: Foundations of Mathematics I
Math 1351: Foundations of Mathematics II
Math 2318: Linear Algebra
Math 2320: Differential Equations
TECM 1303: Technical Calculations


This General Review may be used as practice for the Final Exam in Math 1314: College Algebra. Your instructor may provide a review of his or her own.

Math 1316: Trigonometry General Review

The Math Center

Located in room LRNC 205, the Math Center offers individualized help to students in Transitional Math.

Online Tutoring

The Academic Success Center at LSC-CyFair offers appointment-based online tutoring to all LSC-Cyfair students enrolled in transitional math and college algebra. You can schedule one-on-one sessions and access from anywhere. All sessions will be saved and recorded for review. Your LSC-CyFair tutors are only a few clicks away, get started today! For more information please contact Luis Molina at 281.290.5239 or

For help getting started please refer to the following videos.

SubjectMatter: Getting Started
SubjectMatter: Tutoring Room
SubjectMatter: Reviewing Sessions

Group Tutorials Schedule

All Spring 2015 Math Group Tutorial Sessions will be held in LRNC 205

Functions & Linear Functions

Tuesday, February 24th 5pm-6pm

Thursday, February 26th 5pm-6pm

Other Services

The Academic Success Center presents student success seminars, TSI review sessions, math workshops, exam jams and other learning activities. Please see the campus closed-circuit TV, your instructor, and campus bulletin boards for times, dates and locations.

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