Math & Related (Accounting, Statistics, Economics)

Tutors for Transitional Math and College Algebra are always available during the Tutoring Program operating hours. Tutors for other subjects are available on a limited basis. To find out the current tutoring schedule for Math, visit the Tutoring Area or call 281-290-3279.

Tutoring Sessions

Math, Accounting, Statistics and Economics Tutoring
  • Students should bring any textbooks, lecture notes, and assignments when meeting with a tutor
  • Students should attempt solving a problem on their own before seeking assistance
  • Reading the chapter prior will result in a productive session 
  • Tutors will assist students preparing for standardized tests


The Math Center

Located in room LRNC 205, the Math Center offers individualized help to students in Transitional Math.

Other Services

The Academic Success Center presents student success seminars, TSI review sessions, workshops in math, exam jams and other learning activities. Please see the campus closed-circuit TV, your instructor, and campus bulletin boards for times, dates and locations.

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