LSC-Houston North SFAC

Open Forum with Notice of Meeting Details

Notice of Meeting

The next meeting of the Student Fee Advisory Committee has not yet been set. Notice of meeting date, time, and location will be posted here at least 10 days before the meeting.

Requests for a recording of the meeting may be sent to Shalandria.D.Jones@LoneStar.edu. Meeting agenda and minutes are posted below.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Agendas

Budget Approved

SFAC Committee Membership

Student Members

1-Year Term 2023-2024 Daniel Boyd
1-Year Term 2023-2024 Andres Aparicio
2-Year Term 2023-2025 Crystal Sayles
2-Year Term 2023-2025 Allan Giron-Pineda
2-Year Term 2023-2025 Yureni Aguilar

Employee Members

3-Year Term 2023-2026 Fredrick Antwine, Staff, Chair
3-Year Term 2023-2026 Woodrow McLendon, Faculty
3-Year Term 2023-2026 Elizabeth Giron, Staff, Vice Chair
3-Year Term 2023-2026 Alexis Scott, Staff



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