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Notice of Meeting

The next meeting of the Student Fee Advisory Committee will be in April 2021. Notice of meeting date, time, and location will be posted here at least 10 days before the meeting.

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes

LSC-CyFair SFAC Membership List


Per the LSC-CyFair SGA Constitution, the two 1-year terms are filled by the SGA President and SGA V.P. of Records & Finance, and the three 2-year terms are filled by a vote of SGA General Assembly. The Director of Student Life has verified that students are enrolled in at least 6 credit hours for FA20 (checked 09/21/20).

1-Year Term 2020-2021 Jazmine Alejos (SGA President)
1-Year Term 2020-2021 Emily Yanez (SGA V.P. of Records & Finance)
2-Year Term 2019-2021 Erika M. Guerra (elected by SGA 10/19)
2-Year Term 2019-2021 Michael Murphy (elected by SGA 10/19)
2-Year Term 2020-2022 Bluejay Rhoades (elected by SGA 09/20)

EMPLOYEE MEMBERS (NOTE: Vice Chair position will be appointed by the SFAC at their next meeting)

3-Year Term 2019-2022 Rodrick Moore (approved by Dr. Keshvala 02/20)
3-Year Term 2021-2024 Brenda Piatiak, Chair (approved by Dr. Keshvala 06/20)
3-Year Term 2017-2020 Alex B. Smith (approved by Dr. Keshvala 10/19) - need to find replacement before 12/20
3-Year Term 2018-2021 Valerie Pinto (approved by Dr. Keshvala 02/19)



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