Notice of Meeting

The next SFAC meeting will be held in spring 2023 for FY24 allocations. Date and time TBA.

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes

LSC-CyFair SFAC Membership List

STUDENT MEMBERS (appointments by academic year)

Per the LSC-CyFair SGA Constitution, the two 1-year terms are filled by the SGA President and SGA V.P. of Records & Finance, and the three 2-year terms are filled by a vote of SGA General Assembly. The Director of Student Life verified that SFAC student members had at least 6 credit hours for SP23 as of 02/16/23.

1-Year Term 2022-2023 Jason Molina, Vice Chair (SGA President)
1-Year Term 2022-2023 Destiny Trejo (SGA VP of Records & Finances)
2-Year Term 2021-2023 Abigail Parker (elected at SGA General Assembly on 10/21/21)
2-Year Term 2022-2024 Eliza-Azalea Petersen (elected at SGA General Assembly on 02/16/23)
2-Year Term 2022-2024 Dean Bray (elected at SGA General Assembly on 10/20/22)

EMPLOYEE MEMBERS (appointments by calendar year)

3-Year Term 2023-2026 Rodrick Moore (approved by Dr. Jones August 2022)
3-Year Term 2021-2024 Brenda Piatiak, Chair (approved by Dr. Keshvala June 2020)
3-Year Term 2021-2024 Renee Justiss (approved by Dr. Keshvala May 2021)
3-Year Term 2022-2025 Lyndell Masterson (approved by Dr. Napoles November 2021)

Student Activity Fee Budget Summaries



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