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Why should I be concerned about public information?

As an employee of a governmental body it is important to understand that all information held by LSCS may be open to the public.  This includes all documents that you create, possess or have the right of access to.  This also includes information about your employment with LSCS.

Is public information limited to paper documents?

Public information is defined as information held by LSCS regardless of the format. Some examples include: paper, electronic, microfilm, photographs, etc.

Is e-mail considered public information?

Yes, e-mail is an electronic document and is subject to disclosure although certain information contained within the e-mail may be considered confidential.

How do I identify a public information request?

A request for information must be made in writing.  It is not necessary for the request to be signed or for the requestor to provide any form of identification. ;A verbal request is not considered a request for information under the Texas Public Information Act.

Is my personal information open to the public?

The Texas Public Information Act allows each employee of a governmental body the right to elect to withhold certain personal information from public disclosure.  Each LSCS employee must complete the Disclosure of Personal Information form through the LSCS Human Resources department to withhold their personal information. Please contact the HR department at your location.

What should I do if I receive a request for public information?

If you receive a written request for public information by U.S. Mail you must forward that request to the Office of Public Records at the System Office immediately. If you should receive a request by fax or by email, please inform the requestor to send their request directly to the following: Fax 832-813-6656, E-mail PublicRecords@LoneStar.edu.

What information should I gather from the person making a request?

The Texas Public Information Act strictly prohibits any inquiry by LSCS of the person requesting the information.  Please direct the request and/or the requestor to the Office of Public Records.