How to Establish a New Organization

The first step in creating a club is finding at least 8 interested students who want to join.  Then, find an advisor.  A club advisor can be a Lone Star College-Tomball faculty or staff member who agrees to advise your club.  Make sure that your advisor has enough free time to help when needed.  After you have secured 8 people and an advisor print and fill out the Student Organization Registration Packet and Sample Constitution.  The sample constitution will help you create the clubs constitution.  Once you have both completed turn them into Shannon Marino in Student Life.  The advisor of the organization will be sent an e-mail confirming acceptance or rejection of the application.

Once your organization is approved as a Registered Student Organization the President of the Organization and Advisor must contact the Student Life office in room C223 and schedule a RSO/Advisor trainning session, you will also receive a RSO binder that contains valuable information that will help you run your organization. 

Student Organization Registration Packet

The Registration packet must be updated at the beginning of each semester and submitted to the Office of Student Life C223.

It includes the following:
1) Student Organization Registration Form
2) Student Organization Membership Roster
3) Advisor Agreement Form
4) Student Organization Diversity Statement
5) Summary of Texas Hazing Laws
6) Model Release Forms
7) Participant Release Form

Sample Constitution

Create a proposed constitution and submit to the Student Life office (C223)  for review.

Student Organization Operating Guidelines

Advisors counsel the members and guides activities of the organizations.

Advisor Checklist

This form is designed to help advisors and officers work together to develop expectations for the role of the advisors in each student organization.