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The typical amounts of time required for the Office of Public Relations and Community Outreach to turn around specific types of online and print publications are listed below. These timelines are meant to serve as a guideline on how much lead time should be built into your request to ensure that it is printed or posted online by your deadline. Individual projects may require more or less time than these estimates, depending on a number of factors.

Type of Project Lead Time
Online only 2-3 weeks (4 weeks for extensive website changes)
E-card/E-mail 1-2 weeks
Poster/Flyer 4 weeks
Print monthlies 6-8 weeks prior to publication
Print weeklies 3-4 weeks prior to publication
Subdivision/neighborhood print newsletters:
- Champions
- Krenek

2 months prior to publication
1 month prior to publication
School publications Varies with frequency of issue
Quarterly publications 3-4 months prior to publication