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Is all information public?

Although the Texas Public Information Act makes most information available to the public, some exceptions do exist. Please see subchapter C of the Texas Public Information Act  for some exceptions that may apply.

Who determines if information is public?

If LSCS believes that the information requested is confidential, LSCS is required to submit the information to the Office of the Attorney General. The Attorney General will then review the information and determine whether it is confidential or public. LSCS is permitted to withhold information without the review of the Attorney General on two occasions:

  1. The social security number of a living person;
  2. The personal information of an employee that has completed the proper documentation prior to receipt of the request by LSCS.

Will LSCS notify a requestor when information becomes available?

The Texas Public Information Act does not require LSCS to notify the public of information as it becomes available.

If LSCS desires to withhold information that I request, will LSCS notify me?

If LSCS seeks to withhold the information, the requestor will receive a copy of the letter to the Office of the Attorney General requesting their review and explaining why LSCS believes the information should be withheld.

Is there a charge for information?

Generally, there is a cost associated with all requests for information. Charges are detailed in the Texas Public Information Act, Sections 552.261 through 552.275.

Will I be notified prior to the work being performed?

If the cost to fulfill your request exceeds $40.00, you will be notified of the estimated cost prior to the work being perfomed. At that time, you will have the opportunity to revise your request, withdraw your request or file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General regarding the charges. If the cost does not exceed $40.00 you will be invoiced for the charges. Once payment is received, the documents will be made available to you.

How long will it take to receive the documents that I request?

As required by the Texas Public Information Act, your information shall be produced "promptly" by LSCS. If the information cannot be produced within 10 business days from the receipt of the request, 20 days for information requiring computer programming, you shall be notified in writing.

Will LSCS locate information, do research or answer a question that I
may have?

The Texas Public Information Act does not require LSCS to locate information that is not within its possession, do research or answer questions. However, if the information is readily available, LSCS may direct you to that information.

Will LSCS prepare a document in response to my request?

The Texas Public Information Act does not require LSCS to prepare documents in reponse to a request. Public information is defined as information in existence at the time the request is received by LSCS. Information will be provided in its existing form.

May I request documents be provided to me electronically?

If the information exists in electronic format, the documents may be received electronically. If the documents are not electronic, LSCS may create an electronic file if it has the capabilities to do so.