Students are prepared for entry-level work in investment planning, auditing, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Accounting graduates have a wide variety of job opportunities available to them in industry, in governmental agencies, or in the public accounting sector. Beginning accountants usually start as ledger accountants, internal auditors, or as trainees for technical accounting positions.

Programs Offered

★= Total certificate or degree offered
☆= Partial certificate or degree offered

Campuses: CF= LSC-CyFair, K= LSC-Kingwood, M= LSC-Montgomery, NH= LSC-North Harris, T= LSC-Tomball, OL= LSC-Online

Credit CF K M NH T UP OL
Accounting AAS Degree  
Accounting Certificate
Advanced Technical Certificate in Professional Accountancy    
Non-Credit Fast Track CF K M NH T UP OL
Accounting Assistant/Bookkeeper Certificate  
Payroll Assistant Certificate    
Payroll Professional