Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics


Biology is a science centered around the study of life and living organisms. The Associate of Science (AS) in Biology is designed for students wishing to transfer to a 4-year institution. The Curriculum also prepares students to work professionally in areas centered around biology.

Programs Offered

Academic Transfer Degrees CF K M NH T UP OL
Biology AS Degree  


Biotechnology is a continually evolving field offering solutions to problems in fields such as forensics, pharmaceutical, medical research, alternative fuels, and agriculture. LSC-Montgomery offers the skills necessary for entry-level work in the bioscience industry.

The LSC-Montgomery Biotechnology Institute (MCBI) was created to establish a point of contact for all biotechnology training inquiries. The Institute’s goal is to prepare students for all levels of entry into the biotechnology industry. The MCBI functions to identify and meet biotechnology industry training needs, recruit students using a variety of outreach programs, help retrain workers changing careers through the Biotechnology ATC, and partner with four-year programs.

Programs Offered

Credit CF K M NH T UP OL
Biotechnology AAS Degree      
Biotechnology Laboratory Technician Advanced Technical Certificate            

Computer Engineering

Electronics technologists fill entry-level positions in industry, which include: circuit diagnostics, laboratory and field-testing, manufacturing and assembly, quality assurance, technical sales, field service and certification of new installation projects.

They are involved with all products and systems of industry, including radios, radars, computers, network/wireless telecommunications applications and security systems, robots, audio and video systems, automotive electronics, medical instruments and navigation systems.

Programs Offered

Credit CF K M NH T UP OL
Industrial Electronics Technology AAS        

Energy & Manufacturing Technology

Engineering is the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines and structures. Lone Star College students have several options to learn the engineering skills and knowledge they need to transfer to a four-year university or enter the workforce.

Programs Offered

★= Total certificate or degree offered
☆= Partial certificate or degree offered

Campuses: CF= LSC-CyFair, K= LSC-Kingwood, M= LSC-Montgomery, NH= LSC-North Harris, T= LSC-Tomball, OL= LSC-Online

Academic Transfer Degrees CF K M NH T UP OL
Biomedical Engineering AS Degree  
Civil Engineering AS Degree  
Electrical Engineering AS Degree  
Industrial Engineering AS Degree  
Mechanical Engineering AS Degree    
Workforce Degrees and Certificates CF K M NH T UP OL
Automated Manufacturing Technician AAS Degree            
Petroleum Field Service Technician AAS Degree            
Automated Manufacturing Technician Certificate            
Field Service Technician Certificate        
Petroleum Field Service Technician Certificate            
Field Service Technician Marketable Skills Award        
Non-Credit Fast Track CF K M NH T UP OL
Field Service Technician        

Engineering Design Graphics Technology

Graduates of the Engineering Design Graphics Technology Associate of Applied Science degree possess the technical skills and knowledge to perform essential design layout, prepare supporting documentation, and create finished engineering documentation for production in the engineering, construction, or manufacturing industries.

Programs Offered

Credit CF K M NH T UP OL
Architectural Design Technology AAS Degree      
Mechanical Design Technology AAS Degree      
Computer-Aided Design Operator/Drafting Certificate,
Architectural, Civil/Structural Discipline
Computer-Aided Design Operator/Drafting Certificate,
Mechanical, Manufacturing, Product Design Discipline
Non-Credit Fast Track CF K M NH T UP OL
AutoCAD Draftsman  
SolidWorks Design